Choosing The Right Font Pair For MyWebsite

Font Pair – How To Choose The Perfect Font Pair For Your Project

Choosing the right fonts to use in a design project can make or break the finished product. Here are some tips for picking the right font pair for any project.

How To Pick the Right Font Pair-What’s The Right Font Pair For My Website?

How to pick the right font can be a real-time suck if you don’t have the right framework to guide you. We created 3 easy steps on how to choose the right font pair to help you. If you still need help, make sure you reach out to our team and we will get you the look you want. Also, see our free resources like and our knowledgebase.

how to pic the right font pair Build Your Online Presence

Total Time Needed :





Things Needed?

– Text editor
– Internet access
– An open mind!

Steps to picking the perfect font pair for your website design:

Step 1: Define the project

how to pick the right font pair for your website project or design typeface
The first and main thing you should do is decide what type of project you want to work on, whether it be an invitation website, poster, letterhead, envelope, brochure, or something else. If you’re trying to create a font set for your own personal usage, then the most important thing to consider is that you want your font to compliment the rest of the design. While some fonts will look great with a lot of different types of design, others won’t. For example, if you’re creating a letterhead, you don’t need a font that has been designed to look great with a photo of an apple or something similar. If you’re trying to design something like an envelope, a certain typeface will do just fine. It’s important to choose a typeface that you are happy with when you’re finished with the project. Tip: Learn About Colors and see examples here

Step 2

google fonts is a great source to see suggested font pairs and find web friendly fonts
The next step is to make sure you have the right fonts with which to create the project you are working on. You will find yourself using many different types of fonts during the course of any project. It’s important that you choose the right type of typeface in order to make the design work. If you find that you have too much of a certain typeface, then you will either have to sacrifice the design that you have to go back to the drawing board. You may also be tempted to choose fonts that are not as common as you would like. This may work in some cases but it’s important to make sure that you are getting what you really want before you do this. Tip: Find great fonts for free and see suggested font pairs at

Step 3

The final and most important part of choosing the right typeface pair is to be sure that you’re happy with what you’ve done and that you’ve had enough time to really get to know the typeface you have chosen. If you’re having second thoughts about the font that you picked then there’s a good chance that you are not happy with it after all. Always remember that having too much of a certain typeface is not the best way to go about designing. Need help? Our designers are ready to give your brand the image it deserves! Learn More.

The below examples highlight one of my favorite versatile fonts, Montserrat, which can be used in headings, body, it’s web-friendly and free from Google. Think about the messaging and emotions when you look at each of these font pairs.

Montserrat Typography made easy font pair

Font Pair

Montserrat Font Pairs

Using a serif or display typeface for your headings is a great way to convey trust, and established long-term business, and strength. The above image is with Playfair Display as the heading and Montserrat as the body for this beautiful and timeless font pair
Montserrat Typography made easy font pair modern industrial

Tribute to the past hightllights a Serif Font with Sans-serif Montserrat

Classic with display serif Montserrat Typography made easy font pair

Using two Sans-serif fonts is an excellent way to convey familiarity, portfolio messaging, and also can be related to mid-century styles.

mid century Montserrat Typography made easy font pair

Here to sans-serif fonts are paired to make a bold statement

bold agency Montserrat Typography made easy font pair


With the help of a designer or a professional, choosing the right typeface pair can be easy. They will be able to walk you through everything from fonts that are popular to ones that aren’t. This will help you ensure that your new font pair is something that you will be proud of for years to come.

When choosing the perfect font pair, it’s important that you don’t try to pick a font that is too common. If you’re doing this, you’re sure to end up with something that doesn’t blend with your design and isn’t as successful. Even though fonts are important, they are just one part of the picture when it comes to making a great looking design.

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