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92.4% of all search traffic and 37% of all emails pass through Google’s hands (hubspot, 2019) | Here’s what you need to know
It’s no secret that Google is KING and has a significant influence on your email deliverability of email. What people and businesses often, forget by no fault of their own, is that by correctly registering your business and creating the right listing on Google can bring instant SEO results! Also, senders of bulk email (including email marketers) must register with Google’s Postmaster Tools to receive feedback and guidelines on best practices for bulk emailing. We understand not everyone has time to do this so we created affordable packages to help you build your online presence!
Google uses this network to capture (and penalize) those senders of bulk email that are not registered and marks them as spam immediately.
To avoid these issues when sending email broadcasts or campaigns, register as a bulk sender here. You will receive instructions on the process, including setting a DNS record.

Once you have registered, Google will stop filtering your emails and will provide information on the reputation of your domain and the IPs you use to send an email.
For any additional help setting this up, contact our support

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Top HIPAA Compliant Email Tools

Google works to keep users’ data secure in the cloud in a reliable, compliant way. The combination of security and privacy lead to a strong ecosystem that keeps your information safe. For customers who are subject to the requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (known as HIPAA, as amended, including by the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health — HITECH — Act), G Suite supports HIPAA compliance. 

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