Instagram Unlocked – How to use the Instagram App on PC

How to post on IG and use all the mobile features on your desktop



Unlock Instagram on your PC using your regular browser, you can add photos, videos and use IG like you would on your mobile device. No download required.


How to use Instagram on your desktop – easy not download or program required

Total Time: 2 minutes

Step 1. Open Instagram in Chrome Browser

open IG in chrome browser and log in

Step 2. Open developer tab

Once logged in. hit F12 on keyboard to open developer tab

Step 3. Toggle Mobile View On

toggle on the mobile view in developer tab how to access instagram on your desktop to add postsFind the tablet/phone icon at the top of developer tab and click to turn on mobile view

Step 4. Select iPhone X from drop down

Fine the tablet/phone icon at the top of developer tab

Step 5. Refresh your browser

Hit F5 to refresh screen

Step 6. Enjoy Instagram on your desktop

Close developer tab and enjoy!


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