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The Top SEO Plugins for WordPress

Wondering which SEO plugin is the best for WordPress?  There are many great plugins that effectively will boost your SEO.   Remember, understanding your needs and the opportunity is vital in picking the best solution and can be the determining factor if you can have all your optimization needs me with a free or premium version.  With that said, I would be remiss without mentioning that\, still, not all WordPress SEO plugins are created equal!

How to find the right SEO Plugin for your Small Business | We help cut through the clutter and save you time – keep reading!

This process is not easy regardless of your experience level so we asked  some of the leading industry experts to share their insights and  favorites so I could break it down in a list format to help you make the right decision.  In addition, I categorized these based on price, features, technical management requirements, and their scope.

Free WordPress SEO Plugins for small business

Please understand that 99% of SEO plugins have both a free and premium version so I did my best to include an estimated price to help weigh the pros  and cons of SEO solutions for small businesses and SEO solutions for small businesses on a tight budget.

WordPress SEO by Yoast (Free/Paid from $89)

Top Recommended SEO Plugins from

SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant (Free)

One of the best on-page SEO plugins for WordPress is our SEO Writing Assistant, providing instantaneous SEO recommendations for optimizing content based on the qualities of Google’s top 10-ranking pages for your given keywords in a given location. It also offers:

  • A readability score and recommendations for improvement.
  • Target keywords and recommended keywords.
  • A tone of voice score to ensure writing is consistent with the desired level of formality.
  • Plagiarism help to make sure the writer has submitted original content.
  • Linking recommendations to check your links for possible errors and problems.

Google XML Sitemaps (Free)

Don’t forget to add this to your  SEO WordPress plugin tool box!   Want to get better rankings, rich snippets and Google Friendly Structured sites?  Check this free service out to generate a sitemap for search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. An XML sitemap will help search engines see the areas you want indexed and help them crawl these areas of your website. It is considered one of the best SEO plugins because of the following:

  • It automatically updates the sitemap whenever you publish new content.
  • It is easy to understand and use.
  • Once installed and settings have been adjusted, you will not need to do anything else.

SEO Ultimate (Free/Paid from $49)

This fantastic all-in-one SEO plugin is known for its data flexibility, and other stand-out features of SEO Ultimate include that it:

  • Can automatically set up keywords.
  • Generates internal links on your site.
  • Automatically creates open graph for posts and pages.
  • Has a file editor that means you can modify robots.txt in the dashboard.

Squirrly SEO (Free/Paid from $29.99)

SEO Squirrly has been designed with SEO beginners in mind, making it one of the best on-page SEO plugins for WordPress if you want to create a successful SEO strategy. There is also a Squirrly SEO Premium WordPress plugin with additional features for more advanced users.

  • Ability to optimize site content using the Live assistant.
  • Easy-to-follow method when it comes to navigating Google’s ranking factors.

Rank Math (Free) – Personal Favorite and most active community.  Great Plugin  and Level up your SEO knowledge

montster insights Build Your Online Presence
One of my favorite plugins to help wrangle Google Analytics Comes installed with all our WordPress plans

Rank Math helps WordPress users write better structured content, learn different schemas, and capitalize on both search engines and social media. It is widely considered one of the best SEO plugins available.

  • Super easy to follow, setup, and configuration wizard.
  • Integration of Google Schema markup included (support for 13+ types).
  • Option of optimizing unlimited keywords.
  • Time saver thanks to Google Search Console Integration.

The SEO Framework (Free)

The SEO Framework is a plugin that optimizes your site following white-hat SEO guidelines, as well as adhering to those implemented by WordPress and search engines.

  • Highly organized on post overview pages through color-coded guidelines.
  • Can generate critical SEO meta tags in any language, saving a lot of time.

All in One Schema Rich Snippets (Free)

This is one of the most popular schema markup plugins available. Rich snippets are an important part of SEO, providing a more interactive summary of your post or page in the search engine results. This has been shown to positively impact organic click through rates.

  • Easy to implement a range of schema types, including Products, Article, Recipes, Evens, and review.
  • Particularly useful for e-commerce sites.

Broken Link Checker by ManageWP (Free)

The Broken Link Checker plugin is one of the best SEO plugins on WordPress as it helps with the management of broken links or missing images on your site. Lots of broken links or missing images can signal that your website is low quality to search engines, impacting your ranking. This WordPress SEO checker plugin has a number of great features:

  • Notifies you when your WordPress site has broken links or missing images.
  • Find the  links that aren’t working.
  • Can prevent search engines following broken links.

All in One SEO Pack (Free/Paid from $79)

The All In One SEO plugin for WordPress is known for being easy to use while offering users a wide range of tools to help boost their website. Top features of this WordPress Plugin include:

  • Easy integration with WooCommerce.
  • Can efficiently add SEO title and meta descriptions, open graph tags.
  • Generates XML and image sitemaps.
  • Allows you to have control access to different settings through a feature manager.

SEOPress (Free/Paid from $39)

SEOPress is a popular yet simple WordPress SEO plugin tool amongst users thanks to:

  • Being a low-cost yet high-quality SEO plugin with a comprehensive set of features.
  • Powerful all-in-one plugin allows you to quickly optimize all of your WordPress site (meta descriptions, sitemaps, broken link checker, etc.).
  • Good for both beginners and more advanced users thanks to easy setup and option of advanced controls

Free Site Management WordPress Plugins

There are several technical issues that impact SEO, and there are plugins that can help. Here are a few our community recommended.

All-in-One Site Migration (Free)

Bar far the most reliable and free feature rich plugin for migrating your WordPress site. This is very useful if you are changing domains, hosting providers, or doing an overhaul. Lots of options for only exporting and importing specific types of content like just posts, pages, images, or even plugins and themes!

  • Reliable
  • Free version good up to 512MB imports (some configuration may be required. need help?
  • Improved conversion and site performance.
  • Up to 80% bandwidth savings.

Redirection (Free)

Redirection is a redirect manager plugin that helps you to easily keep on top of 301 redirects and other loose ends on WordPress. The plugin will help minimize errors and improve site ranking and is often considered the best WordPress redirect plugin as it:

  • It is simple to keep track of 404 errors and implementing 301 redirects.
  • Provides support for 4XX status codes.
  • Gives support for other kinds of 3XX directs.

Rel NoFollow Checkbox (Free)

This lightweight SEO plugin for WordPress is useful to those with affiliate links on their site, as Rel NoFollow Checkbox creates a checkbox to tick when adding links in WordPress. In turn, this plugin helps with your ranking.

  • No need to use a code editor to add “nofollow” links.
  • Easy to install and use.

All in One WP Security & Firewall (Free)

This is one of the leading WordPress security plugins, as it provides advanced security for your site, ensuring that your user experience is protected. Your ranking can be negatively impacted if this isn’t the case. It is highly-recommend thanks to:

  • The security points score feature showing you how secure your site is.
  • The comprehensive plugin can identify if there are vulnerabilities on your WordPress site.
  • Stop user enumeration, meaning bots nor users can discover your personal details via author permalinks.

Updraft Backup Plus (free and paid versions)

I have yet to find a reason to use the paid version for this backup plug because it is an incredible option for making sure your data is backed up and protected.

  • Easily backup data
  • Save locally, on AWS S3, Google Drive, FTP/SFTP, and more
  • Fast and reliable

SEOPressor (Paid from $9)

SEOPressor stands out as a plugin as it has been developed in accordance with the latest Google algorithm trends, unlike many competitors. It is highly regarded thanks to:

  • Useful over optimization feature: the plugin monitors if you are ‘over-optimizing’ on your site, which can lead to Google penalties.
  • Provides control over the way search engine crawlers go through your site.
  • Can add links and keywords automatically to reduce bounce rate.

WordLift (Paid from $59)

This super-smart SEO WordPress plugin uses AI to help users grow their audience through more advanced SEO. The plugin has some excellent all-round features, including:

  • Automation of structured data markup through natural language processing and knowledge graphs.
  • WordPress SEO plugin for Google Analytics integration.
  • Tracking of content performance and provides optimization strategy through WooRank’s technology.

WPtouch Mobile Plugin (Free/Paid from $79)

This WordPress plugin helps to make your site mobile friendly in just a few short steps. Don’t underestimate the importance of a mobile-friendly site — not having one hinders your search engine rankings.

  • This uncomplicated plugin allows you to customize the mobile appearance of your WordPress site.
  • Simple yet sophisticated mobile theme version instantly created for mobile visitors of your site.
  • Mobile site passes the Google Mobile test.
SEO Charge ? (Free)

This image optimizer reduces the size of images (JPG, PNG as well as GIF) based on advanced algorithms.

  • Allows you to choose the optimization level for your uploads.
  • Includes bulk image option.
  • Optimize 5MB of pictures for free.

Top All-in-one platform to boost your online ROI

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Build an online presence and grow your business The customer journey has changed over the last 10 years with shopping moving online. get the right start with building awareness with our help


As you can see, there are a plethora of plugins with specific features depending on your needs. When choosing, always consider the usability/user-friendly features as well technical SEO functions from the plugin.  As with any plugin, make sure you give it a quick check on the plugin checklist:

  1. Check reviews to see if there are any common problems, like issues around performance.
  2. Less is more!  Too many plugins can impact site performance so we recommend finding fewer plugins that serve multiple purposes to reduce the bloat of your site
  3. Evaluate the number of active installs, when it was last updated, the number of reviews and quality of reviews can expose potentially fraudulent reviews and save you from big problems down the road
  4. Back up Back up and Back up before making any major changes to your site!

Please let us know if we left anything out that you had a positive experience with.  We would love to hear from you!