how to spot face news with trump creates violence at capitol building insurrection

Characteristics of Real Images

Major news and reputable sources will almost 100% of the time copyright their images.  For example, the Featured image of this post by National Geographic, has complete meta data.  Meta data is the data about the data and in the case of images, the information about who, what, when, and where the image was taken.  With respective rights to the photographer who took the shot.  This is only fair to protect our creatives in the industry.

Other Features:

  • Sharpness and blur – the image above has tell tail signs of fake as the sharpness and blur is inconsistent and looks artificial.
  • Using for a revers image search can tell the story of a fake image
  • Try to find the image on a real reputable news source.

Examples of Authentic Photograhs

Visit the “A historic day in photos: from a pro-Trump insurrection to a pre-dawn Biden victory sealed” article at the National Geographic Online.

Learn more about spotting fake news and doctored images

The recent events at the Insurrection at the Capitol highlight, again, the importance of being able to quickly discern between fake and real but more importantly, not to react.  



Photography: BJ Blackburn (fake) National Geographic (real)



Insurrection at the Capitol

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how to spot face news with trump creates violence at capitol building insurrection
Here’s what happens when we (WE) 1. blindly react to anything and run on emotion 2. Consume news from any source 3. …Posted by B Eh Blackburn on Wednesday, January 6, 2021

“The essence of living is Canada.  The insurrection at the Capitol galvanized this for many”  – unknown

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